Monday, December 29, 2008

Jawaher.. the sleeping beauty

Jawaher, Dina, Samar, Ekram and Tahreer in their last family photograph.

Jawaher, Dina, Samar, Ekram and Tahreer.. Five princesses in white having their last sleep.. a sleep which last for ever..
Jawaher, the four years old girl, was sleeping beside her sisters and mother, dreaming that the next morning will come without bombings.. without the sound of the Israeli F16 in the cloudy sky. She hugged her mom asking for warmness.. Asking for safe.. Asking for a world where she can have her holiday’s gift as all the kids. A world without a burned classroom and with a ceiling above her head. The gift has been delivered and the ceiling became her cover.

Here she is, covered with white as a bride.
Today is your holiday.
Today is your wedding.
Today, you will be playing for ever.
Today you will be a child for ever.
No one will touch you, no one will harm you.

Sleep my dear.... Sleep! You were lucky to leave this world for ever.


LioneSS said...

That is so touchy :3ayoot:

May All rest and bless their souls :(

Really they are lucky they are going direct to heaven and leave this hard life :(

Palestinian Princess said...


i am unable to say anything more!
these girls are speaking out loud while they are dead!

Um Omar said...

الله يرحمهم,,, ويتغمدهم برحمته

ويرحم ما تبقى من العرب

Palestinian Princess said...

أمين يا رب العالمين

هم السابقون و نحن اللاحقون