Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The magic of London....

“The train is reaching Waterloo station. You can change here for Waterloo southwest bank train station, Bakerloo line and Jubilee line”

“Please mind the gab between the train and the platform edge

The voice was announcing the end of my trip.. I Stepped down the train and walked with confidence.. I do not know, but there is some kind of magic about these undergrounds.. Makes me feel like I am the leading actress of a movie or something like that! As soon as I reach the platform, I stand still; close my eyes and wait, to feel the train taking me with him while it is passing by me!

Walking.. and passing by hundred of people on my way.. Each one has his or her own story.. Imagine hundreds of stories passing by you each day.. Imagine that you are a kompars in each ones story! And you are the leading actor/actress of your own!

Step no. 28, 29, 30, … 35 .. and…  mayday! Mayday! The leading actress is falling down!

Oh! I just hate it when these things happen to me, especially in public! As if it is a pattern of my life to keep falling down on stairs.. in the bus.. on the street!

When all the confidence in the world does not support you in that moment while every thing is falling apart with you! When your selfsteem is dragged down below your hurting knees!

With some help of an unknown supporting actor, who made sure that I was ok, I was able to stand on my feet again. And start walking like an eighty years old lady!

Oh! What a marvelous way to end my day!

My day! My Sunday which was not sunny day at all! It was dam chili freezing day! I was almost going to regret the whole idea of leaving my small warm room till I reached Covent Garden, when another magical moment hit me there. It is not about Covent Garden it self.. it is about a wide big empty space, surrounded by lovely arcades of opera house.. a young man standing in the cold weather, holding his guitar and playing magical mixture of love and hate!

I could not help it, but to find a place to sit near by him.. Forgetting all about this cold cruel world and lose my self between his guitar cords for a while. The wet ground was reflecting him and every thing around, and I was just melting with the reflected lights on the ground. I closed my eyes and created my own world, a world without responsibilities, a world full of love and happiness. I was freezing from the out side, but there were a warm feeling overwhelming me from the inside.

I know that these moments would never last for ever, but they charge you with a big amount of power to stay, to act and to live as a human for a while. A year ago, I would spend few days feeling down because of that fall on my way back home. With all what I had in my life, I did not have any support which keeps me moving on in my life in such a high spirit! But every thing is changing now…

And yet! There is something magical in these underground I have to find it out!




LioneSS said...

First of all salamat sweetie, hope you didn't get hurt ^_^

I went to london twice when i was in school and yeah i do agree with you the undergrounds there have a magical spirit i don't know how but there are awesome.

I'm reall happy sweetie for your happiness and enjoyment ^_^ fata7ti nefse la 2je 3endek :D

Palestinian Princess said...

الله يسلمك يا عسل
هو ما بين الوجع صح الا بعد ما نمت و صحيت .. بس هلق كله تمام الحمد لله

يعني في جد انا ما عم بتخيل؟ شو السر الغريب في هذا المكان؟

بعدين انا لسة بدي افتحلك نفسك؟ انا تخيلت انك صرت حاجزة اجازتك تيجي عندي

LioneSS said...

استني على بس اخلص 6 شهور بالشغل الجديد :D

على الربيع ان شاء الله بكون الجوي بلش يتحسن عندكم :)

Palestinian Princess said...

يا 100 أهلا و سهلا