Sunday, April 5, 2009

My deep apology! I should not disturb your moment with my sad story, Sir!

Well, I do not know what to say!

I have to start working on my final project for my Master Course, and I decided to do something, short animation movie, about Palestine and specifically about children and war.. about killing the innocence .. (for who do not know, I am studying Motion Graphics)

well, i am one of many who was really in pain during what happened in Gaza few months ago.. and what was more painful that i could not do anything for them! I want to get out this pain from my chest and do something useful, even if it is not big thing.. but i want to translate this energy inside me to show the foreign world the real world that Palestinians are living for the last 60 years!

When I told my tutors and class about my idea, there was a common feedback from most of them. "Do not make it so sad"!, "We already know how bad is the situation there, do not make it sad ending!", "You are going to live with sad images and stories for the coming six months, should you pick something more cheerful to work with?!"

i was shocked by that! Now i know for sure that Palestinians are living alone in this world! I told them, i will try to search for happiness inside me first! Imagine that your people are being killed in front of your eyes and you are not able to do anything! what cheerful thing I have to consider in my work?

Am I wrong? tell me? Am I suppose to show them the happy part of our lives, if there is any, so i wont make them feel sad?


LUNAR. said...

Well, Its your idea
and since no one will help you with it , then you are not "ruinin" any one's moment, go for it.

We cant simply forget what happened in Ghazza, and your project would be the least of what PP can do to her cause , right ?

wont you do it for the cause??

Good Luck Sis.


Palestinian Princess said...

Thanks for passing by, Lunar :)

well, that's what I thought at the first, and that's how I am defending my cause. I am not doing something big.. but I believe that what i am going to do is a small thing which can be added beside million other things and make really something at the end.

I thought to do, what ever I want to do for Gaza and Palestine over all. I want to do something memorable, that's why i am asking. if this deep sad message will not work the way I want it to be, I am missing my target, right?

LUNAR. said...

Your Welcome Sis.

Well, focus on the target sis., then formulate the way to that target (weather its sad way or not)

Just ask yourself , What i want to do ??
what is the message im willing to deliver??

Dont focus to deliver a sad message to be memorable , focus on the big picture first, im doing something for my cause.

focus on the target then build the way to it , dont start building the way , because you wont know where it will lead you. :)



Palestinian Princess said...

Thanks Lunar, I really appreciate your advice :)

DarkWhite said...

Hmmm.. Motion Graphics.. How nice... good luck..

o sara7atan hada el eshe berja3 la fekretek o sha6artek kef tgadmi o twarje lal 3alam... o aslan el fekrah 7elweh o kter nas 3emlat metelha sawa2 kan designs aw motions i mean clips... bas 7awle te3mali something unique specially bel osloob ya3ni mesh metel hal afkar elli benshofha dayman.. only pics with some music...

o 7awle balshi b eshe 7elo o basee6.. o ba3den esh elli sar wel ashya2 elli sad.. o ba3den finish it b fekret ennu eshe happy o 7elo o lazem hal sha3eb yosbor kaman o kaman 7atta yowsal lalli beddo yah.. ya3ni bel a5er show the dream of palestinian b 6aregah fer7ah o 7elweh..

dont know just wanted to share my opinion.

Palestinian Princess said...


Thanks for passing by :)
I am glad to hear your opinion

I am actually had a vision, and after I wrote this I started to work on my project and read a lot of books about psychology, the situation of children in war, children dreams and Palestinian Tradition and Custom.

I will be reaching the main point of showing the real victim in the whole issue, the palestinian kid.. but in a different way.

On Thursday I will have the crit for my proposal work and I hope they will like it :)

ed3eele :)

DarkWhite said...

you are welcome :)

enshallah they'll like it... o mwaffagah b ezen allah..

best of luck :)

Fadi Ismail said...

how about making the ending as hopeful moment, something like "i'll keep rising from the ashes" which is true for Palestinians, and describes why do they keep going on

Palestinian Princess said...

first of all, nawar el blog ya Fadi :)

and this is what I am trying to do.. reaching an open end carrying hope

& I love ""rising from the ashes"
so strong!
thanks :)