Monday, December 8, 2008

The sky beneath your feet!

You may think that I am excoriating in the title that I wrote or it is a metaphor of something else, but actually, this is the truth! This may be sound familiar for people who is living in very cold areas, while the temperature is below zero degrees centigrade during the day!

When I waked up this morning, I was surprised to see the sun out side my window, so I decided to spend what I can get from the rest of the day outside. However, I did not expect it to be that dam cold! You can still find white sheets covering the pale green glass and the street. It was not snowing, it was freezing!

On my way back, the small road was kind of dark.. And for the first time since weeks, I was able to see the sky so clear, with a long thin line of smoke which was cutting it into two halves. Yet, the real sky was underneath my feet. A very thin layer of frost was covering pedestrian path and begun to melt between the macadam. The street lights were unveiling the small drops of water on the ground and showing million of them dancing like stars on the dark pavement. The view was incredible and breathe taking!

I was not able to take my eyes off the road all the time, not only because I was amazed by the scene, but also I was afraid that I would fall down on the slipping ground and break my neck! Thank God, I made it safe to my home, with very special memory.

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