Sunday, October 26, 2008

Habits! talking to things as they are alive!

Imagine that you have a habit of talking and making comments to things surrounding you as if they are living things... what would be the reaction if they ,once, had the chance to speak?


Scene 1

Location: In a girly bed room, showing the room in two dimensional way (front face)

A girl enter the room from the side of the scene and start speaking to a tidy bear setting on one of the shelves (without hearing the voice of the girl while she is speaking ... just sound of a music) .. then ..

Girl: … so? What do you think?

Tidy Bear move its head form its static situation, looks at the girl, put its hands on its ears, jump of the shelf and start running away, while the girl is totally in shock!

Scene 2

Location: in the same bedroom.

- The girl fell down on the chair while a mug of tea on the desk beside her.

- a shot showing a close on the mug from top view and showing some smoke going out of it

- return back to the front view with focus on the girl location while she is taking the mug in her hand and has a sip and shout..

Girl: Oh! Shit! It is hot!

Mug: Of course it is hot! What did you think?

(showing the mug with an angry face)

Scene 3

Location: in bedroom of the girl while she is sleeping in her bed

Shot 1

- focus on the peaceful face of the girl while she is sleeping.

- a camera view from the eyes of the girl while they are opening with a blurry way .. And the blurriness disappears by the time to show many things surrounding her in her bed!

- a wide angel camera showing the girl with things while she is trying to speak..

Girl: Wha……..

Things: We are in need to speak to you! (Speaking all in one voice)

Shot 2

The girl setting on her chair, while there is a long queue showing on her left side and one thing speaking on her right side.

The girl is looking miserable while her hands are holding her head and she say: “Crap!”

The End

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