Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Embarrassing but funny

this conversation happened in front of me between a guy and a girl while i was waiting for the bus ride ...

Guy: You just do not speak like Spanish people

Girl: That's because i am from Mexico not from Spain. We do have different accent.

Guy: so, your family live in Spain?

Girl: No! They live in Mexico.

Guy: so you must learned Spanish language.

Girl: mmmmm ... Actually, Spanish is my mother language.

Guy: so I think your mother must be Spanish!

Girl (had a funny look) : mmmmm , well, my family is originally from Spain, but this was long time ago!
Guy: OK!

it is really bad not to have information about other cultures! not to know these basic things are really emparicing some time! but i found this really ammusing :D
edit: i met the same guy two weeks later and he turned to be from Cyprus and do not even know what is Palestine which shares the sea with his country!

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