Friday, October 24, 2008

four centimeter of crap!

have you ever thought that you are about to leave your country, family, money, work and every thing in your life behind, to fly more than 5000 KM to a strange land just to make a small pieces of aluminium foil after the middle of the night?! Well... it turned to be something real!

Yesterday was the critic of my first project in my MA course... I am quite unhappy with what I did, honestly! I hate sometimes being moody when it comes to my work.. I just can not focus or start my design project unless I am 100% into it!
Although I had a very strong idea and powerful visuals to begin with.. but, simply, I could not start working till two days before the deadline! While other students were working and almost finishing their designs.. I was doing nothing but getting sick, feeling miserable, sleeping, eating, talking with friends and waking up at 5 am to write my blog!

The day before the deadline, I was not been able to keep my eyes open! I made a mug of turkish coffee to keep me awake, and as soon as i finished it, I found my self sleeping deeply in my bed! Seems it just works in opposite way with me!
So the best way is to have a company all the time in order not to fell asleep on my computer!
It works! But by the time I left my work and start helping my classmate (who had two jobs, working on his project and making sure that I am not getting back to sleep again)! Part of his project was to fill a plastic jar with broken CD pieces, cassettes and small pieces of aluminum foils which , each, has to reach a minimum height of four centimeters in this jar! So we spent more than two hours filling the jar with crap! Strangely, I found it more interesting than my computerized work!

As soon as it became 4 am, I collapsed! And my work was not even close to be done! So I slept for about 3 hours, and as soon as I waked up, evey thing was dancing around me and suddenly an idea hit me!
My project is about showing a song called “Nothing at all” in artistic, creative and graphical way. So what is the best way than showing nothing at all!?
Unfortunately, that does not work! My "nothing at all" turned to be a crap and the 4 cm of crap turned to be genius according to the tutor!

And now, I have less than 7 days to make my own extraordinarily and creative crap for the next project! Do you think I can do it this time?


7ota said...

why not ?

Palestinian Princess said...

ana 3arfeh yamma!

sob7an allah! el jnoon fnoon ya 5oy ya 7ota :)

LioneSS said...

can you concentrate on your study PP and put your goal in front of your eyes yammah

see somehow i am facing the same issue in my new work
sick, tired, lots of work and home the best solution till now was to put an agenda list with priorities, i felt it somehome worked. so try to manage your time 3asoool w Allah yewaf2ek :hug:

Palestinian Princess said...

yamma! 6ab bedon dareb! :sad:

wallah i am trying by making plans and agendas, but some times things just can not be the same way you want

i just turned sick two days before the critic and now i do have another deadline next week and the doctor asked me to rest and do not work! what should i do now?

الله يشفيكي و يشفيني و يشفي جميع مرضى المسلمين
اشتقتلك يا قمر

LioneSS said...

لك و انا كمان اشتقتلك كتير كتير

يلا هانت هانت كلهم كم شهر ان شاء الله بترجعلنا بالسلامة

المهم انت مرتاحة و مبسوطة هناك
طمنيني عنك دايما

شيكي الان بوكس بمحجوب ^_^

Palestinian Princess said...

7abeet.hom el blogs :)

teslamele ya 3asal :hug: