Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The last thing....

this was a surprise for me! it was the last thing i would ever imagine to find in London! An eastern toilet! later on.. i knew that there is a Muslim community in this campus and this facility added specially for them! i was really embarrassed!
with all what happened in the world, there is still respect for the minority!

P.S. the picture on the side is a photograph I took for the toilet by my self! Imagine my surprise now! :D


The Extravagate said...

aaww that's nice really

im shocked but in a gd way if u knw what i mean

Maisastic said...

elmuhem was there barbeesh may? thats what i truely would love to c


Palestinian Princess said...

first, welcome to my blog.. although i am not sure who u are :)

u can not imagine how shock i was when i stepped out side the cabinet staring at the Arabic toilet! i looked ridiculous! :D

but what do u mean shocked in good way?

Palestinian Princess said...

hala b ElMama,

u know what? ana jad mest7eyeh menek! :(
each day i say that i have to contact you and send you a PM or something and i just keep forgetting! I am sorry!

about el barbeesh! this invention does not exist in the European society! Unfortunately of course! and it was their! but it seems that the toilets are either western style coming with tissues or eastern style coming with barbeesh! you can not find both (tissues and barbeesh) in the same toilet! :s